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Lunch at TAC Quick

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More Chicago eats to discuss today. Thanks to my friend Lisa, a secret menu lunch of some tasty Thai food at TAC Quick on N Sheridan was on tap. Fresh and clean flavours across the board, I really enjoyed almost everything we ate. Maybe a bit much for lunch, but eating a past satiation was a constant theme during the trip.

Cold roll fillings with pork ball, fresh herbs, spicy plum sauce, apples, raw banana

Cold roll fillings with pork ball, fresh herbs, spicy plum sauce, apples, raw banana

First up was a nicely presented platter of fillings for cold rolls alongside rice paper wrappers. The build-your-own cold roll was fun and we could modify the fillings as desired. Picking your own herbs from the bunches of mint and Thai basil added to pork, apples, and banana resulted in a very refreshing, clean dish. I like spicy food, but adding whole chiles to the roll would have been a little excessive. Settling on an “alternate bite” approach, this was probably my favourite dish at lunch. I think my open-top cold roll style was quite effective:

Finished cold roll

Finished cold roll

Duck in red curry

Duck in red curry

A well executed duck in red curry was served with steamed rice to absorb the sauce. The curry was cooked with Thai basil, lychee fruit, red peppers, and taro root. Not overly spicy but there was a great depth of flavour.

Chinese sausage (lap cheong) and pork with spicy sauce

Chinese sausage (lap cheong) and pork with spicy sauce

Fried lap cheong and pork rounded out the meal. I thought that the lap cheong was delicious especially with the sauce and some hard boiled egg. I was less impressed with the sliced pork as it was dry. It would have been more successful if it was shoulder or belly or really any other part of the pig that was fattier.

Very reasonable for the quality, anyone that loves Thai should check out TAC Quick if they’re in the area. For transit lovers, it’s right outside the Sheridan stop on the Red Line.

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  1. Lisa permalink
    2009/08/04 4:21 PM

    I completely agree about the pork. Too dry. Now I am wanting the duck curry again.

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