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Grilled Tilapia


Quickie post today. I decided to grill some tilapia for supper the other day. Wasn’t too sure if it was going to hold together on the grill but it worked out just fine. My Dad recent brought back a selection of spices from the Spice Market in Istanbul so I decided to dust the tilapia with some paprika acquired there. As I had some really nice tomatoes from Bosco Farms, I decided to make a little salsa fresca to go with the fish. Shallots, cilantro, salt, pepper, and a healthy dose of fresh lime juice rounded out the salsa. Blanched green beans sauteed in a little butter added some extra green to the plate.

Grilled tilapia with Turkish paprika, salsa fresca, green beans

Grilled tilapia with Turkish paprika, salsa fresca, green beans

I really enjoyed the flavour combinations. Next time I’m definitely making fish tacos out of the tilapia and salsa fresca and some nice tortillas from Kensington. I guess this was my way to try to coax summer to stick around a little longer, because it would make a pretty fantastic meal on a hot summer night.

Off for a hedonistic food and wine weekend, so plenty to report when I get back!

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  1. Oakville_al permalink
    2009/09/15 1:13 PM

    Looks healthier than the Custom House Burger! 🙂

  2. futronic permalink*
    2009/09/15 9:09 PM

    Only marginally! There were vegetables on that burger you know …

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