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Recent Home Eats


Some friends have commented recently on my deluge of restaurant posts and wondered if I ever cook or eat home any more. Of course I do! Here are some selections of recent eats for those interested.

Charcuterie and cheese

Charcuterie and cheese

One can never go wrong with charcuterie. In case you haven’t been keeping track, five of the last eight posts (including this one) have contained some sort of charcuterie. It’ll be six in nine soon as my next post will be on this past weekend’s dinner at The Black Hoof. Oh so tasty.

What’s on the board above is mostly from Montreal (Le Cochon Tout Rond again) as well as more of Manny’s home-cured duck prosciutto. Toss in some cheese, baguette, olives, cornichon, wine – it makes for a tasty meal!

Grilled burger with foie gras torchon

Grilled burger with foie gras torchon

A nicely grilled burger is a beautiful thing. Melt some gruyere and serve on grilled baguette with grainy Dijon a l’Ancienne – even better! But with a couple slabs of foie gras torchon on top, it’s heaven! Angels singing from above and all that jazz. My word is it unreal. Do it. It’s tasty. Oh yeah, there was a sprinkle of fleur de sel on the torchon for those wondering.

Roasted pork shoulder

Roasted pork shoulder

In the slow, slow, SLOW food category, I roasted a pork shoulder a couple Sundays ago. Fed me (and several friends) for the week! 8.5 pounds of pork shoulder with not one, but two layers of my own custom spice rub and 9.5-10 hours in a 225F oven resulted in an amazing bark and the best pulled pork I’ve had in some time. Add some fresh corn fritters from local corn that a friend dropped off and I was in a happy place. Isn’t it great when friends and neighbours drop off tasty treats?

Tarte tatin with Eds Tahitian Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Tarte tatin with Ed's Tahitian Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Tarte tatin is one of my favourite desserts. It definitely ranks behind creme brulee and chocolate souffle and a couple others, but it’s always something I enjoy. It’s also really simple and can be made in advance or even whipped up after dinner assuming you have the ingredients. Apples (Gala, Fuji, Honey Crisp), sugar, butter, and puff pastry. That’s it. I use a slight variation on Dorie Greenspan’s recipe in that I melt the butter, sprinkle with sugar, then start the caramel forming before removing from heat and adding the apples. Once the apples are added I cook them down a bit so they release their water. Top with puff pastry (I always buy mine – use the President’s Choice All-Butter brand) and bake until done.

The tricky part is inverting a hot cast-iron pan onto a serving plate. It’s a good thing I have welder’s gloves (with fingers) for oven mitts to make the task easier. Lop off a hefty piece, add a scoop or two of excellent ice cream (my preference is Tahitian Vanilla Bean from Ed’s Real Scoop), and enjoy!

Those are the most interesting things as of late. As I mentioned above, my next post will be about The Hoof. Two words: horse sandwich. So awesome.

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