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Grilled Rack of Lamb


It had been a while since I put together a lamb dish at home. No particular reason. Other things inspired me when shopping at the market and visiting my butcher. What was available the other day, however, really struck me and got me in the mood to cook up a rack.

I asked my butcher to french the rack for me to save a bit of time at home. Once back in my kitchen, I salted the rack about 45 minutes before I was ready to grill the lamb. If you’ve read the blog in the past you’ll know that I like to follow the Cooks Illustrated method for salting meat. In order to prevent the exposed bones from burning and becoming brittle, I wrapped them in a double layer of aluminum foil for protection.

Before placing the rack on the grill, I patted it dry with paper towels, seasoned with a touch more salt and freshly ground pepper. Finally, a garlic and herb “paste” was prepared that consisted of minced garlic, fresh thyme, herbes de Provence, and just enough olive oil to make it easily spreadable.

The rack was seared on all sides on a medium-high grill before being pulled to the side and allowed to finish cooking via indirect heat. Once it was shifted to the cool side of the grill, I spread the garlic-herb paste all over the top and sides of the lamb. I didn’t marinate the lamb or apply this mixture at the beginning because the herbs and garlic would have burned and become acrid.

Grilled rack of lamb

Grilled rack of lamb

Herbed rack of lamb, roasted root vegetables, arugula salad

Herbed rack of lamb, roasted root vegetables, arugula salad

The result was a gorgeous, perfectly medium-rare rack of lamb cut double-thick for presentation purposes. I served it with roasted root vegetables (multicoloured carrots and parsnips) and an arugula salad with 10-year aged Pedro Ximinez sherry vinaigrette. The leftovers made for a nice snack the following day!

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